Offer your members more. A better health insurance option

How would it make you and your employees feel to have health insurance that is affordable, easy to use, and backed by people you can trust.

At OutFront Health, we believe one of the most significant issues facing our families and future is the broken healthcare system. It has touched everyone we know and for whom we care.

So, we’ve changed the experience of health insurance, making it affordable and accessible through straight-forward and simple means with people when you need them, and technology when you don’t.

Adding Value to the Mentorship

Member businesses benefit from with these additional program features

Cannaguard Health Platform

Members have access to a turnkey health care platform providing the same benefits opportunities large employers have enjoyed for decades. This solution integrates benefits administration technology with multiple health plan options through the Cigna network offered at rates less than many current plans.

Employee Engagement

Cannaguard Insurance has created helpful benefit-related materials for your association to share with your employees. Materials designed to engage and educate your employees on various topics, including: Health Insurance infographic, Where to Go When You Need Health Care infographic, and Benefits Evaluation checklist.

Compensation Statements

Association members have access to program portal that uses your company’s payroll data to generate custom compensation statements. Employees are able to view pay stubs that reflect both their base pay and the total value of benefits the employer is truly providing.

Open Forums

Members are invited to participate in a quarterly open forum. Each forum led by an OutFront Health Benefits Consultant, will address a specific topic and includes a Q&A session.

Compliance Updated

Our compliance consultant is experienced in providing oversight and assistance with compliance in the benefits industry. To keep you informed, you will receive Compliance Corner emails when legislation changes or is updated, regulatory deadlines approach or with other beneficial compliance information.

Add more value to your members

Multiple employer groups like associations, PEOs, staffing franchises and other groups representing multiple small to medium sized businesses are eligble to pool their risk and in the process gain control over their health costs. Start the conversation with an enrollment consultant today!