Rewarding healthy businesses with better insurance, for less.

At Cannaguard Insurance, we believe controlling health care costs should be possible, even for small and medium sized businesses. To accomplish this, we leverage individually underwritten stop-loss contracts and plans that are rated by each group’s demographics, to bring healthcare costs for multiple-employer groups, family offices, PEOs, associations, and staffing organizations under control.

Our benefit plans are level-funded, so your maximum annual claims are predetermined, including claims run-off liability. You pay a set amount each month (which includes administration, claims and stop-loss) for the 12 months of your plan year. This is set aside to pay your claims and any other fees throughout the year. Once all claims have been paid for the plan year, each employer group is eligible to receive any remaining balance in the claims fund.

Beyond the Plan

We offer a number of benefit tools and resources to help members manage and grow their business

Plan Options

ERISA plans fully compliant with ACA

Web-based enrollment

Multiple Plan Options

Minimum Essential Coverage option to ensure ACA Compliance

Employee Engagement

Self funding removes carrier profit from the cost of your health plans as well as several taxes and fees levied by the ACA


By rating on the maximum cost, there is no risk of underfunding the cost of the plan. Reserves are owned by the plan sponsor and can be used to stabilize future costs.


Web-based enrollment and account management makes administration a breeze. Enrollment changes are processed in “real-time” eliminating the need to reconcile invoices month-to-month.


All the benefits of self-funded plans, with the protection of stop-loss coverage, provides the peace of mind typically missing from healthcare


Health care is not “one-size-fits-all”, and OutFront Health is built to meet the needs specific to multiple employer groups

3 Steps to Better Insurance


Complete and upload the Group Health Questionnaire

Request for Proposal

If your group qualifies, we will email you Request for Proposal Documents, Checklists and a link to a secure online tool to upload and submit the required materials.

Apply for Coverage

A dedicated Account Manager will work closely with you to review rate proposals, complete enrollment steps and implement the plans best suited for your group.